'One Piece' Chapter 775, 776 Spoilers: Straw Pirates Help Zunisha Recover And Prepares To Retrieve Sanji

"One Piece" chapter 775 is yet to come, but fans are already eager to find out the fate of Zunisha as well the real deal with Jack and his crew. Chapter 774 introduced the "One Piece" fandom to the massive elephant which has proven to be a force to reckon. After wounds though from canons, the Straw Hat pirates are set to help Zunisha recover in the upcoming episode.

Zunisha has saved a whole nation on its back as it went against the Jack and his crew in the previous episode. The millennia-old animal though suffered from great pain, following the cannon attacks from Jack on its leg. Momonusuke then gave the order to Zunisha to wipe out the force of Jack, and with a single swipe of its trunk, the entire fleet was eradicated.

Following this, Jack and his crew were announced dead by the Straw Hat pirates. However, from the chapter 824 of the manga series, it will soon be revealed that Jack has survived that attack of Zunisha. From the source, Jack apparently stayed at the bottom of the sea where he stayed conscious but immobile. Whether he is going to be retrieved by a Yonkou pirate named Kaido or he is going to stay at the bottom of the ocean for eternity is something that is yet to be revealed.

Moving forward to the new chapter, the threat is already out of the way which leaves "One Piece" chapter 775 focusing on treating Zunisha. According to Games & Anime, spoilers suggest that Tony Chopper is set to play an important role in helping Zunisha recover from its injuries. Rumors have it that he will combine the pharmaceutical knowledge of the Torino kingdom and the Sakura kingdom to come up with a cure for Zunisha's wounds.

Unaware of the upcoming retaliation of Kaido, the Straw Hat Pirates along with the Minks, and the men of Wano will work together in the next episode to help treat the great elephant. The trailer for chapter 775 drops titled "Save Zunisha! The Straw Hat's Rescue Operation!" featuring the stints of Chopper and the others for the treatment project. It is then expected that Zunisha will be patched up into full recovery at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, the chapter 882 of the manga version of "One Piece" reveals that the Straw Hat pirates along with their new alliances will split up into four groups. Each team will then find more people to recruit into their army. A team will also be formed for the rescue of Sanji which is expected to happen in the following episodes of the TV series. Unforeseen incidents though are set to distract them as they go about with their tasks.

"One Piece" chapter 775 comes to FujiTV on Feb. 5, at 3:30 p.m. JST

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