New Batman Game Teased By Warner Bros.

Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Knight are some of the best Batman games that were released by Rocksteady Games. Rumors went out last December saying that there will a new Batman game in which the storyline will revolve around Damian Wayne.

Although no other clues were given by Warner Brothers, all of its fans are quite sure that the teaser is for the new Batman game and that March 8, 2017, will be the day when the game will be announced.

Other Rumors About The Game

Some say that the teaser might be for Shadow Of Mordor 2 game, but others say it is quite impossible for it be a SOM 2 game because the teaser's design resembles a Batman poster previously released.

 Others also guessed that the teaser might be a Suicide Squad Game. However, as all people know, the production of Suicide Squad has been canceled after the Greenlight's meeting with Warner Bros went south.

So is this could possibly be a new Batman game? An insider vetted by moderators on NeoGAF leaked some several information. According to the source, a new Batman game that is reportedly in the works right now.

The source also added that in the game, Bruce Wayne is a bearded old man with a harness on his leg and can only walk using a stick. He apparently mentors his son Damian Wayne to become the new Batman.

Rumors also claimed that the Black Mask will be a female and that a bald Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, will be involved.

As for the villains, it is believed to include Flamingo, Poison Ivy, and White Rabbit.

The teaser has not been spread widely, maybe due to the fact that this upcoming Batman game gives way to Injustice 2's release. Others speculate that there were just long gaps prior its release.

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