Mozilla Is Killing The Group Responsible For Firefox OS

Although it seems as an unexpected move with unpredictable consequences, Mozilla is finally killing the connected devices group that was responsible for the disastrous smartphone operating system Firefox OS, which promised to be one of the greatest of its kind, but end up being a huge failure that costs the company a move that would definitely harm its reputation. In fact, this group was also responsible for the developing of the OS into other devices as streaming boxes, routers, and basic computers.

Mozilla Will Change Its Focus

Apparently, about 50 people have been laid off from the company, including Ari Jaaksi, which was known for being the person in charge of Mozilla´s connected devices unit for a little over two years. Naturally, we´re talking about a major step that is clearly represented in this kind of action, considering that Jaaski some kind of untouchable figure in the company since he took the charge of this group.

In fact, Mozilla confirmed that it was cutting major positions in the company and that it would shift its focus to researching new technologies for connected devices. Of course, this whole situation represents a huge setback for the company, given the fact that even when it was known that the connected devices´ group was not working as expected, the dissolution means that this is a company without any luck when it comes to mobile devices.

Mozilla Will Keep Betting On IoT And Smart Homes

Actually, it remains unclear which could be the benefits that Firefox could bring to connected devices that the already existing platforms could not offer. Naturally, this situation is another clear example fo the way in which people doesn't seem to care too much about the Internet of Things and smart homes, given the fact that even a major tech giant as Apple is having a lot of problems with the HomeKit. However, Mozilla stated that it will keep betting on the growing ecosystem of connected devices. Let´s hope that the company could have some more luck this time.

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