Thirteen Windows Smartphones Are Back On Stock, Now Available In US Microsoft Store

By Anj Cagay , Feb 04, 2017 05:50 AM EST

As for now, the only Windows phone that's being sold on the AT&T-owned carrier's website is one that you wouldn't expect which is the Nokia Lumia 635. It's been a tough month for fans of Microsoft's Lumia line of handsets. Earlier this month, the Lumia 650 and 735 were withdrawn from the Microsoft Store, and the next day, Cricket stopped selling the 650. On top of that, AT&T also removed some listing for the Lumia 950, left are just refurbished models. Luckily, it may appear that February is to be much better. The Lumia 640 XL and the Lumia 650, and also the Acer Liquid Jade Primo is back as well. However, that's not all. Microsoft had also removed certain colors of phones, and the company offers the AT&T-locked Lumia 950 in only white, and the 950 XL in black variant only. Those handsets are now available in both colors again.

List Of Windows phones Available In US Microsoft Store Right Now

Microsoft Lumia 550 ($139), AT&T Microsoft Lumia 640 XL ($99),Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM ($199),AT&T Microsoft Lumia 950 ($298.99),Unlocked Microsoft Lumia 950 ($399),Microsoft Lumia 950 XL ($499),Acer Liquid Jade Primo Bundle ($449),Acer Liquid M330 ($99),BluWin Jr LTE ($99),Blu Win HD LTE ($149),HP Elite x3 ($799),HP Elite x3 + Lap Dock Bundle ($1298) and the Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows ($470)

Some Windows Phone Are Available At Verizon's Website

And to top it all off, all of these Windows phones are in stock right now. The only Windows phone that's listed on the Microsoft Store that's out of stock is the unlocked Lumia 640 XL only, and more likely to have been forgotten about, as it's not even appeared on the "All Windows phones" page. Moreover, the only listing that was removed and hasn't returned is the Verizon Wireless Lumia 735, and fortunately, you can still get one from Verizon's website.


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