HP Is Set To Release A New Windows Phone With A Mid-Range Price

HP is reported working closely on a new Windows 10 flagship phone, set to be released in early 2017. What's even more interesting is that there also reports about Microsoft actively cooperating in the project in order to ensure that the new upcoming mid-range smartphone can breathe a new life into its struggling Windows Phone ecosystem.

The Upcoming HP smartphone And What You Should Know

According to some reports, it could be powered by a Snapdragon 600 series chipset from Qualcomm less powerful than the Elite x3, the smartphone will still also support Continuum and is tipped to be compatible with the Elite x3 docks and accessories that are already on the market.

While the smartphone is anticipated to be aimed at the mid-range segment, the report warns the device may not exactly be affordable. Moreover, Elite x3 is being sold at $699 out in the market without the dock, the upcoming HP smartphone will most likely be priced likely to a few other "premium" mid-range handsets from other smartphone makers, powered by Snapdragon 600-series processors. Well, this is great news for Windows 10 Mobile fans, as we haven't seen any new mid-range Windows 10 handset this year from a major manufacturer except for Alcatel.

The Upcoming HP Smartphone: Will Support Lumnia Features

Not only because it the device features impressive specifications but also because there was finally an OEM that presented a fully enhanced Windows 10 Mobile flagship that not only supports some cool Lumia features like Double-Tap-To-Wake and offers Windows Hello both with have an Iris scanner and a fingerprint scanner as well. Moreover, the phone will also feature an improved Continuum experience.

While updates about specifications are not officially stated yet, one can, of course, speculate about certain aspects. Given that Microsoft is part of the project, it seems more than likely that the device will sport some Lumia features like Glance Screen and also dedicated camera button. Still, we have no official word from HP yet. Some sources said that Microsoft has internally announced a new Windows 10 Mobile phone for February 2017.

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