‘Fairy Tail' Chapter 520 Spoilers: 'Demon And Dragon' Reveals Natsu's Story; Storyboard For New Movie Revealed

The latest chapter of the “Fairy Tail” manga series will be released and it depicts the backstory of Acnologia and Natsu’s role in it. The said chapter, which is titled “Demon and Dragon” revisits Natsu’s memories that may hold the answers. The storyboard for the new “Fairy Tail” animated movie has also been revealed.

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 520, “Demon and Dragon” debates over the true identity of Natsu, which has not been established in the series yet. Apparently, Natsu can either ultimately become a dragon or die in his human state. Fans are hoping that the manga creator, Hiro Mashima, reveals a new technique for Natsu to keep his human state even with the Dragon seed within him.

Mashima isn’t new to making plot twists just like when he revived Gray Fullbuster just some chapters after he died. Then there’s also the latest chapter tapping into Natsu’s memories, revealing that Zeref is his brother. Natsu must revisit more of his memories to realize the truth behind it and to probably change his mind about defeating Zeref.

Fans are expecting that “Fairy Tail” Chapter 520 will answer the new mysteries that have been brought to light. On the other hand, the storyboard sketches of the upcoming movie, titled “Fairy Tail The Movie: Dragon Cry” has been announced and fans can now get the gist of what the anime film will be about. The rough sketches clearly show that Natsu and Lucy will be in the movie but it will introduce new characters as well.

In the collage of the movie’s storyboard sketches, one can notice that the background has a puppy tagging along with Natsu, someone standing as he/she holds a staff, and a bearded man talking to Lucy. All of them are unnamed as of now and the production has yet to release a trailer. “Fairy Tail The Movie: Dragon Cry” was announced in May 2015 and it is planned to be released in Japan sometime in the second quarter of 2017.

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