Overwatch: Year Of The Rooster Is Now More Popular Because Of Lunar New Year Elements?

Overwatch: Year Of The Rooster Is Now More Popular Because Of Lunar New Year Elements?
By releasing Overwatch: Year of the Rooster update, Blizzard seems to have succeeded in making the game even more popular than before. Photo : GameSpot/YouTube

It seems that Overwatch: Year of the Rooster, the latest update of the game, is now more popular. Blizzard has recently released this new patch and fans are now enjoying its features. This patch contains Lunar New Year elements which could have made the already popular game to gain even more fanatics.

Overwatch Is Already Hugely Popular

Overwatch: Year of the Rooster seems to have hit the right buttons. There are reports that say it is helping Asians celebrate their New Year with additional gusto. It appears that this update have endeared the game a little bit closer to their hearts because of the Asian tinge that was added into the game.

Overwatch is already entertaining and thrilling to play because of its fast paced actions. But with the additions of new skins related to the Year of the Rooster, the game acquired a new Asian character. This goes with the plan of Blizzard to hype the game to its biggest market - Asian gamers, specifically, the Chinese.

Overwatch: Year of the Rooster Would Make It More Popular

Right now, would you believe that of the humongous number of 50 million people playing Overwatch, a massive 50 percent of those numbers are Chinese? That's right. Fifty percent of gamers who enjoy the game are from China, the largest country in the world in terms of population. No wonder, Blizzard has rolled out Overwatch: Year of the Rooster with new skins, mostly of Chinese character.

New Additions To The Game Are Making The Game Even More Popular

The game also highlights the new skins added to characters such as Wukong Winston, Bajie Roadhog, Reinhardt and Zenyatta. They are all adorned with new Chinese style skins which go in line with the Chinese Lunar New Year. And if you consider that 25 million people and counting are playing it, then you will not refute the fact that Overwatch: Year of the Rooster has gone way more popular than before.

And then Blizzard also added Capture The Rooster, obviously linked to the Chinese Year of the Rooster. This is a new capture-the-flag-style mode wherein two teams attempt to capture the flag of the enemy's camp, while they are preventing the opposing team to capture their own. The team that captures the other team's flag wins the match.

Another thing that is making this game more loved than before is the introduction of Loot Boxes designed with elements of the Lunar New Year. These boxes are filled with all kinds of delectable choices of special items, again, Chinese-inspired. How can you beat that? These items include character-related goodies, sprays and different icons.

Blizzard Says This Game Is Made For Everybody

But don't make the mistake of assuming that Overwatch: Year of the Rooster is only made exclusively for Asians. You are not right in that point, man. Blizzard says this game, with its new skins, is for all players around the world. It is not only a form of entertainment, the game developer says, but also a means to reduce your stress levels - assuming that you are having a good time playing it.

But what you can admire in this Overwatch: Year of the Rooster update is that while you are enjoying the game, you are also being educated culturally. How can you avoid being educated about the Chinese culture when you are controlling the actions and gameplay of characters donned in Chinese costumes?

And if you consider that approximately 25 million people in China, an equal number of millions around the world, and possibly more millions being added because of the Overwatch: Year of the Rooster update, even if you haven't heard about this game, you would probably by now. Just watch the video below to see why this game has become so popular today.

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