Oculus' CTO Fires Back At ZeniMax, Says He's 'Offended' By Expert Witness

ZeniMax is making some new charges to add to the $500 million claim initially documented in 2014 against Oculus VR and Facebook. The expert witness directly accuses Oculus CTO, John Carmack.

In spite of the fact that Carmack abstained from paying any damages in the last verdict, which he was directly accused to by ZeniMax's set of claims regarding copyright infringement and trading secrets that the organization stated Oculus was blameworthy of.

The Last Verdict

Carmack responded that he was offended to the judgment granted to ZeniMax in his post and disagreed with the master witness' claims throughout the trial that Carmack had duplicated the code. He stated that as a man of science, he challenges the witness to defend the adequacy of the procedure with information. He was not exactly replicating.

Carmack worked for ID Software before joining Oculus. It was a company he had helped to establish and it was acquired by ZeniMax Media in 2009. ZeniMax lawyers and expert witness asserted that Carmack was blameworthy of copyright infringement.

The jury stated on Wednesday, Feb. 1, that Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, violated a non-disclosure agreement. However, it said Oculus did not take trade secrets or misappropriated intellectual property as the suit asserts.

A Million Worth Of Damages

It was also reported that Oculus did not use ZeniMax's hardware and software technology. Carmack claimed that he had not taken code that he had created from ZeniMax, and that he had actually not replicated his work at Oculus and neither, did he make a few modifications to the code nor used the "core code" to develop Rift software, as per Venture Beat.

The jury did not point Oculus blameworthy of taking "proprietary information," but rather ordered the organization to pay $500 million in damages related to the charges of the NDA infringement, false designation and copyright violations.

The $500 million is made out of $200 million for NDA infringement, the $50 million for copyright violation, a $50 million honor against both Oculus and co-founder Luckey for false designation. The other $150 million is against previous CEO, Brendan Iribe, for false designation.


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