Two Cups Of Grapes A Day, Keeps Alzheimer's Away! Is Grapes The Key To Alzheimer's? New Study Suggests

A new study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles suggests that consuming grapes as much as twice a day in a span of six months may have the ability to protect a potential victim against significant metabolic decline in Alzheimer-related areas of the brain in a study of people with early memory decline. The study finds that for those who are consuming a grape-enriched diet also exhibited increased metabolism in other areas of the brain that correlated with individual improvements in attention and working memory performance, as compared to those on the non-grape diet.

Grapes: The Key To Alzheimer's?

In one of his statements reported by News Medical Life Sciences, lead investigator of the study, Dr. Daniel H. Silverman has revealed that the study examines the impact of grapes as a whole fruit as compared to isolated compounds and the results suggest that regular intake of grapes may provide a protective effect  against early decline associated with Alzheimer's disease. It was found that the study made by Dr. Silverman and his team contributes to the growing evidence that supports a beneficial role for grapes in neurologic and cardiovascular health. However, the researchers have highly emphasized that more clinical studies with larger groups of subjects are needed to confirm the effects observed in the said study.

The Study On Grapes

Meanwhile, according to reports revealed by New Atlas, in conducting the study, the researchers made sure that it has involved 10 test subjects, half of them were males and half of them were females. All of whom were in the early stages of cognitive decline. Furthermore, it was found that half of the respondents were randomly selected to ingest whole grape powder twice a day for six months, at a dosage equivalent to 2.25 cups (532 ml) of fresh grapes per day, while the other half consumed what they didn't realize was a placebo, but was noted not to have contained grape polyphenol micronutrients. Ultimately, the researchers of the study believe that grape polyphenols help promote antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities which is seen to help support brain health by working in multiple ways. It is said that grape polyphenols helps in maintaining the levels of a key brain chemical that promotes memory to exerting anti-inflammatory effects.


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