Immunotherapy: The Body Can Be Trained To Fight Cancer

A new study has been conducted that could supply and provide a drug that could allow the immune system to fight the system that produces cancer cells. Thus, this drug could in some point "educate" the immune system to produce its own antibodies.

Drugs Being Developed To Fight Cancer Cells From Developing Inside The Immune System

These drugs are made in the laboratory wherein when taken, they will bind with the cancer cell antigens, otherwise known as monoclonal antibodies. The drug binding with the cancer cell can trigger the immune system to go into the cancer cells it had bound with. However, the process of fighting the cancer cells may not be as easy as it sounds. These cells have proteins within themselves that could actually disallow the immune system from fighting them. Nevertheless, the monoclonal antibodies that have been developed have the ability to recognize these proteins in the cancer cells and block them instead.

The above-mentioned process is when the patient takes in the drug into her system orally. However, researchers have come up with a different way to put the drug into the system and still develop the same kind of processes. According to Live Science, this is done through vaccination, thus producing them to develop single shot vaccines of the said monoclonal antibodies. This has been developed with carefully engineered synthetic proteins which have the ability to train the immune system to recognize the cancer cells and immunize the patient from cancer for a couple years in time.

Development Of Monoclonal Antibodies Getting Positive Response From Test Subjects

However, these monoclonal antibodies are still currently in the trial phase of its experiment but have so far shown effective and positive results as reported by IFL Science. When fully successful, these vaccines could even go along with checkpoint inhibitors than to create a more convenient environment. Vaccination has also been recognized as a cost-effective technique for patients will be producing the antibodies in their immune system rather than simply taking them. The test subjects have positively responded to the vaccine and though terminally ill, have managed to still develop the antibodies in their system.

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