Researchers Develop Sunlight-Powered Water Purifiers For Those Who Can't Afford Clean Water

It cannot be denied that there is a great part of this world that lacks clean water, mostly because of poverty and the citizens could not afford to have their water purified. Thus, a sunlight-powered water purifier has recently been developed to meet their daily needs in consuming clean and healthy water.

Solar-Powered Water Purifiers Being Developed By Researchers And Engineers

Researchers have now developed a new kind of technology similar to solar panels only this time, it does not generate electricity, instead provide clean water. Solar panels have been used all over the world now and have been a great source of energy. Now, people can generate a clean drinking water much like they generate their own power, showing how the progress in technology is being put to good use.

According to IFL Science, the new solar powered water purifiers generate clean water four times faster than the commercial ones that the rest of the world is currently using now. The solar stills have been around for years now but do not necessarily help much to a number of people in need of clean water. Thus, researchers have been developing ways to improve the process of generating clean drinking water as opposed to the old slow ones. Thus, an electrical engineer from State University of New York (SUNY) was developing new nanomaterials to absorb the solar power cells and use them in solar stills.

Solar Stills Generate Clean Drinking Water Four TImes Faster Than Commercial Products

Now, his team has come up with a new device that could generate clean drinking water at a fast pace with the use of solar energy. With the new device, it allows a one square meter of device to purify one liter of water per hour, four times faster than the commercial ones. Read further on Science Magazine for the detailed and thorough information on how the deivce works. This has also proved more cost-effective and most efficient way to help those in poverty and endure that they take in clean water. There is nothing more important than one's health in order to survive in this cruel reality of the world.

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