Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Special Weekly Maps With Sweet Rewards

Players who finished all of the story missions for Fire Emblem Heroes should not fret as Nintendo will begin releasing weekly special maps. These modes will include two difficulties and offer more rewards for players who manage to beat it.

More Fire Emblem Heroes Maps On the Way

After just a few days of its initial release, the Fire Emblem mobile game has already become such a huge hit. Many fans have already beaten the main story and also used up all of their orbs for summoning heroes. Despite this, they should not fret as Nintendo plans to release more content for the game.

In line with this, My Nintendo News (blog) reports that the game will be getting new special weekly maps. The game's official Japanese Twitter account announced the initial details with the new features being named as the 'Launch Celebration Present Maps.' Furthermore, each map will have two difficulty levels with the reward being three orbs each. If players manage to beat both, they will get a grand total of six orbs.

This specific event will last for five weeks with one map releasing every week. Nintendo has yet to reveal any further events but fans should be on the lookout for future maps and characters. That aside, IGN shares several things that the game fails to mention to the player.

Facts That the Game Fails to Mentions

Firstly, players can get free items like feathers by talking to their heroes that have hearts around them. Next, heroes will only keep their experience if they survive the fight. Even if they gain several levels throughout the fight, they will revert to their original stats if they die. Needless to say, players should move low health characters away from enemies during battle.

Following this, healers will automatically stop gaining experience after several heals. Once they stop gaining EXP, fans must end the battle and initiate combat in a different map. Finally, higher ranked heroes actually have more voice lines when players tap on them. Fans can try Fire Emblem Heroes now for free on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

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