Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide, Tips: How To Make Festival Plaza Trades

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can trade for new Pokemon using the Festival Plaza. There are three current trade options namely, Link Trade, GTS and Wonder Trade.

How To Do Link Trade

Link Trade is dealing directly with another player. This means that players can trade only with people online on their Nintendo Friendlist or VIP List. People can also initiate Link Trade with the first 50 random players listed as guests.

To start, go to the Festival Plaza which is placed at the screen's bottom. Connect to the Internet by clicking on the wireless symbol and select Yes when asked about it. Users are warned that "local wireless communication" connection is different from connecting to the net. Afterwards, click on Select Trade indicated by big blue button located at the bottom.

Players who want to trade with someone not on the random list need to type in their Nintendo Friend Code. If the other party is online they will appear on the guest and Friend List. Players can now trade Pokemon.

How To Use GTS

The Global Trade System is similar to Link Trade except that there's no particular person to trade with. Instead, select GTS and click on "Seek Pokemon" when prompted. Player can now enter all the relevant details about the desired Pokemon. If none shows up, players can offer one of theirs for trade. In the GTS menu, trainers simply click on "Deposit Menu" to offer trade of their own Pokemon for another with the specified requirements.

How To Use Wonder Trade

The first few steps are similar to the first two options except players need to select Wonder Trade instead. Players will then put up their Pokemon for trade. Hopefully, another trainer will offer a suitable trade for it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon players who want to transfer their Pokemon from previous games can make use of this guide. Only Pokemon from other 3DS game titles are the only ones allowed though.

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