The Greatest Tech Commercials In Super Bowl 2017

Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Commercial
Although it´s not known if these products will end up being a major success in the market, appearing in the Super Bowl 2017, will definitely represent a big help to achieve this goal. Photo : Nintendo/YouTube

The Super Bowl 2017 is definitely the most important American sports event this year, given the fact that millions of people watch it. Given this situation, many tech companies know that advertisements in this event are one of the main ways to achieve the highest success with the product it wants to promote. 

Japanese Giant Nintendo 

Nintendo is expected to make a major hit in the video game market with its Nintendo Switch, which so far has gained different kinds of critics, since there are many people who believe that this is a groundbreaking product, there are those who didn't like the pad controllers, claiming that these are quite uncomfortable for gamers that don't want to play in front of a tiny little TV.

Given this situation, it hasn't represented any kind of surprise that the Japanese giant decided to make an appearance in the Super Bowl 2017, considering that this major event promises to be one of the most-viewed in the history. The Nintendo´s commercial shows a guy playing with the console in different ways it offers, displaying the features of the product, while it can be heard the song "Believer" of the band Imagine Dragons. And by the way, the video game played in the commercial is The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, which looks magnificent.

Search Giant Google 

Of any single tech giant that was expected to appear in the Super Bowl 2017, Google was definitely the most important, not only because of the fact that we´re talking about the most profitable company in the world, but also because it was known that the search giant was betting a lot on this major event to promote the Google Home.

The first thing that is quite particular in this commercial is that far from lasting the typical 30 seconds, this one last an entire minute, and considering that 30 seconds in the Super Bowl 2017 costs $5 million, you can get the idea about how much Google was willing to pay in order to sell its product. The other detail about this commercial is that even when it resembles the never-failing strategy of being emotional, this is such a great advertising that many already consider it as one of the greatest ads of the Super Bowl 2017.

Smartphone Maker Huawei 

Using an important actor to sell your product is definitely one of the greatest strategies a company can use in order to make a major hit in the market, thanks to a commercial, considering that showing a famous face always makes customers feel more attracted to the product. Believe it or not, this is actually what the Chinese company Huawei made in the Super Bowl 2017, since the smartphone maker showed a commercial about its mobile device Mate 9, and the main character was Justin Long.

The commercial is quite simplistic and splendid, since it only shows the actor playing the role of a regular person during a job interview, and the boss is none other than the handset, which communicates with him with emojis. Clearly, the fact that this company decided to appear in the Super Bowl 2017, which is the most-viewed sports event in the US, it represents its ambition of conquering the American market, given the fact that many Chinese smartphone brands are arriving this year.

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