Toyota And Suzuki To Begin Talks Of 'Win-Win' Partnership

By Mae Cervantes , Feb 06, 2017 09:17 AM EST

On Monday, Toyota Motor Corp revealed that its company board would settle on a choice regarding a partnership, which the company has been eyeing Suzuki Motor Corp, since last October. The partnership will begin on aiming shared procurement, concept ideas on green vehicles, IT and safety navigation technology.

Leading Through Collaboration

The two Japanese automakers could declare a wide-ranging partnership that would incorporate the advancement of innovation and procurement. Both automakers are set to unveil their second from last quarter profit later in the day. The shares of Toyota and Suzuki were both up around one percent, in accordance with the more extensive Tokyo market reports.

As per Channel News Asia, the understanding takes the two leading automakers to a stage of partnership or more like a tie-up that could give Suzuki access to Toyota's innovation. The automakers agreed to work to keep pace in the technology industry.

Dominating The Auto Industry

In October, the companies were investigating innovative difficulties and the need to stay at the right stride in the worldwide automobile industry. Toyota, the world's second-greatest auto creator, consequently would profit by Suzuki's solid market position in India.

Suzuki dominates the Indian market through Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., which offers generally 50 percent of all autos sold in the nation, as noted by Reuters. Toyota aims to twofold its share of India's traveler vehicle market to ten percent by 2025 and this "win-win" partnership[ will be vital to accomplishing this objective.

Suzuki is the creator of reasonable mini-vehicles and compact cars. It is the fourth-largest automaker, which has been attempting to keep pace with the speed of innovative work in the industry. It is with innovative technology race that prominent Toyota is better ready to adapt to. Toyota puts vigorous investment in the "Research and Development" zones including artificial intelligence concept, automated driving, and lower-emissions green autos.


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