Tech Companies vs Trump: Apple, Facebook, Google And Others To Release Joint Letter Opposing Immigration Ban

It has been reported that around 97 organizations plan to send a letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, which includes Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber and Stripe, alongside a consumer packaged goods company and others. The companies have been cooperating on a letter contradicting U.S. President Trump's travel ban on seven primarily Muslim countries.

Immigration Confinement

The giant technology companies leading the effort are attempting to include different ventures and media organizations, as well as manufacturing giants and customer product outfits. The letter will be the main significant push from enormous U.S. companies to support immigration in the wake of a current travel confinement order by Trump.

The expected companies to sign the letter include Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Yahoo. and Expedia, which are based in Washington DC, have already shown support of the Washington judge's temporary hold on the EO, as per Fortune.

Joint Letter Opposing Immigration Ban

The joint letter's main objective is ensuring that the company migration framework meets today's security needs and protects the nation. The giant technologies are concerned that the current executive order will affect many visa holders who are working hard in the United States and add to the nation's prosperity.

According to Recode, the letter stressed the point that in a worldwide economy, it is important that the companies keep on attracting the best and brightest from around the globe. They pointed that they respect the progressions of the administration.

The Department of Homeland Security will actualize the executive order and the giant companies will stand prepared to help their organization to recognize different chances to guarantee that their workers can travel with consistency and immediately without undue delay.

President Trump signed the executive order a week ago banishing all refugees from entering the United States. Trump's activity started a kickback, emitting in dissents throughout the end of the week at air terminals around the nation, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Boston.


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