‘Star Wars: Episode 8 -The Last Jedi' Producers Having Issues With The Plot; Release Date Put On Hold?

Ever since they’ve released a new teaser during the Super Bowl, there seems to be a lot of questions revolving “Star Wars: Episode 8". The video didn’t last that long but there are things that were said on the clip that is vital to the upcoming movie.

“Star Wars”: Cultural Icon

“Star Wars” is probably the biggest and most successful creation from the legendary filmmaker, George Lucas. This epic space opera is already 4 decades old and they are not slowing down. For recent years, George Lucas and his crew were able to provide an episodic film that makes “Star Wars” more watchable. Last 2015, they released the critically acclaimed Episode VII: The Force Awakens and it broke a lot of records that the franchise was able to set before.

“Star Wars” Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

“Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens," however, brought a lot of cliffhangers and question on its sequel. Will they be able to introduce Rey’s father? How will they introduce him? Will he be a protagonist or the creators will create another twist? These are just some of the questions fans are dying to see and probably they might have the answer as soon as possible.

“Star Wars” The Celebration

It is also fully documented that during a recent event, Star Wars News Net provided some juicy insights about certain speculations on “Star Wars: Episode VIII- The Last Jedi." Since they’ve already shown a trailer during Super Bowl, fans should not expect any other trailer soon. The plan is already ironed as stated by Star Wars News Net. Their focus right now is on “Star Wars” celebration that is scheduled for April 13 to 16.

Probably, after the celebration and major fan event, they will release another trailer. Be sure to check their website and other forums for the latest update of “Star Wars: Episode 8- The Last Jedi."

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