Pokemon Go Update: Does Releasing Chronologically Important?

Pokemon Go Gen 2 patch has been heavily rumored last year highlighting its expected release sometime around this year. With Pokemon Go's recent updates, it seems like the said major patch is almost ready for its arrival as datamined codes continue to drop hints.

According to the report from Otakukart, some players are excited for the arrival of these new set of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. However, others have expressed their disappointments since Niantic has not yet released all the Pokemon from generation one particularly the Legendary ones.

Some might think that it is not important if Niantic would not release these Pokemon in chronological order. However, it is worth noting that it is vital for the franchise. Apparently, the much needed features and Pokemon have drawn in the whole playerbase hoping to witness these features arriving in Pokemon Go.

Based on the report, a large number of the game's playerbase are saddened with the incorrect way of releasing the Generation 2 patch. This is due to Pokemon Go lacking the much needed features for the release. Furthermore, they have not seen Legendary Pokemon right before their eyes yet.

On the other hand, Niantic did a very good job improving Pokemon Go, particularly the tracking system. The company was quick enough to develop another tracking system after the complete failure of their very first tracking system. Based on the recent reports, players are more settled on the new tracking system which would not make them walk aimlessly just like before. In addition, Niantic has been also adding lots of PokeStops in the game which is a great help for players living in rural areas.

Overall, Pokemon Go continues to improve over time and Niantic will not stop providing a better and stable game for their players. However, players are hoping that Niantic would consider adding several much needed features before releasing the generation 2 patch.


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