Eating Nuts Helps Fight Cancer

Doctors and scientists are finding ways to effectively fight cancer. Medicine as well as food have been recommended in the fight against cancer. A study has found that eating nuts helps against cancer.

Nuts have many good qualities and many see them as a good alternative for protein. Nuts could be eaten in a variety of ways, from raw to having them roasted or salted. Nutritionists from Friedrich Schiller University Jena have found that nuts could be also good in fighting cancer.

Nuts have already been known to be good for the heart as well as for diabetics. Dr. Wiebke Schlormann and her team has studied nuts and its benefits to people. What they have found is that nuts can activate the body's defenses. These defenses can go against reactive oxygen species, which have been found to damage DNA.

By stimulating the body's defenses, the reactive oxygen species are made harmless. Reactive oxygen species come about due to either radiation, chemicals or certain food substances. These reactive oxygen species break DNA, and that can cause cancer, according to the Friedrich Schiller University Jena's site.

For the study, the researchers have tested five types of nuts. Nuts such as pistachio, macadamia, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts have been used in the study. The study has found that nuts can stimulate protective enzymes, increasing their activity in cells. The study has also observed that the enzymes work in promoting cell death in cancer cells.

Professor Michael Glei has led the study and has said that all types of nuts have this characteristic, as Science Daily reports. The team would next try to find out if this effect is reduced if the nuts are roasted. The nuts that have been studied are popularly roasted, so the researchers would find out if roasting them would somehow still retain the protective characteristics of nuts.

Nuts are good for the health. A study has found that eating nuts help against cancer. A study has found that online ratings can be stressful for doctors.

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