The Biggest Mortal Kombat X Tournament Is About To Happen!

When it comes to PvP tournaments, there's no other title that can do it better like Mortal Kombat X. This game is just one for the books, so to speak. And yes, fans should ready themselves, as the titular annual tournament is back. It's hitting this month of this year!

According to Broken Joysticks, the popular Kombat Cup is once again giving the familiar excitement to the entire Mortal Kombat X community. It's slated to commence on Feb. 12, just two days prior to Valentine's Day. In one way or another, this is a very interesting event for the fandom.

The aforementioned Mortal Kombat X tournament is known for giving fans -- either casual or hardcore -- the opportunity to go up against professional players. And when talking about the latter, it already includes the like of SonicFox -- the MKX EVO Champion. But hey, it's not all about fun and excitement.

The annual Mortal Kombat X tournament is also about giving cash prizes. This year, it's expected to amount to $12,000, more or less. The event is said to kick off with a couple of weekly events. These are basically called the Qualifying Rounds. The top eight players from there will have the chance to prove themselves in the Quarter Brackets. From thereon moving forward, they'll have the chance of a lifetime to acquire a whopping $400 cash prize (weekly).

The first place winner in Mortal Kombat X Kombat Cup will win at least $200 and 150 league points. Second is to $100 and 125 league points, while both third and fourth are at $50 and $75 league points. As for the fifth through eighth and ninth through sixteenth, they'll be taking 50 league points and 25 league points, respectively. It's worth noting that these figures are meant for the event's weekly prizes only.

The finals for the forthcoming Mortal Kombat X tournament will be held on May 14th. Each weekly and/or final match will be livestreamed via Stream.ME. The first place is valued at $1,500 while the second is at $1000. Third and fourth are at $700 and $400 respectively. Lastly, firth place tie is at $100 (per player).

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