NBA Trade Updates: Lakers Open For Deals; Cavaliers Not Interested On Carmelo But On Bogut And Calderon

The L.A. Lakers is reportedly open for deals as it is seeking to reconstruct its roster to have a shot at the playoffs. After starting strong this NBA 2016-2017 season, the Lakers apparently need to fix its weakness as they are now seated in the 14th spot in the Western Conference. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers who are on the top of the Eastern Con are interested on getting Lakers' Jose Calderon and GSW's Andrew Bogut.

The L.A. Lakers, though started out somewhere at the top ten, have since fallen off, and are now at the risk of missing out another postseason. The latest NBA trade rumors then suggest the team get high-caliber players to play for them for the rest of the season. Following this, the basketball insider, Steve Kyler, recently hinted on the team's intention to go on a trade deal before Feb. 23.

According to Kyler's tweet, the Lakers are now "open to trades." However, no specific names yet are being dropped that might be involved in the possible trade. The team though is reportedly looking for upgrades and offload a few talents in order to reconstruct Lakers' lineup. There are some difficulties though from the part of the Lakers as Kyler noted that teams who may be transacting with them might ask for a high price for their younger players.

Some of the players from the Lakers' circle being rumored for a trade are Nick Young and Calderon. The former is noted for his long range shooting skills, and his contract only costs around $22 million, making him an affordable piece for NBA teams. Calderon is another player who may be on the trading block before the deadline. The 35-year-old player is reportedly drawing interest from the Cavaliers who are looking for more supports for LeBron James.

Calderon is in his final year of his contract with the Lakers. This makes him a good trade piece for the Lakers if they want to acquire higher caliber players, according to reports. Since Calderon has been showing how good of a playmaker he can be during this season, talks have it that the Cavs are looking forward into listing him. A report last Saturday hinted on the possibility of the trade, also noting the Mavericks' Andrew Bogut. As per reports, both players can help the Cavs play well in the low post.

The trade suggestion has not yet been confirmed by the involved teams, but reports claim this deal can happen as Calderon is already on his last year of his contract with the Cavs. Bogut, on the other hand, recently hinted on his intention to flee the Mavs this month. Other reports claim that the Cavs will get a better result from getting these two players instead of Carmelo Anthony, as they will be perfect supports to James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, and will not be demanding the ball from them on the court.

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