HIV Update: China Launches Its Five-Year Plan On HIV, Is There A Catch?

As China's population is set to become even larger, Chinese officials have recently issued a five-year action plan in terms of HIV prevention and treatment. The said course of plan allegedly includes a greater role for traditional medicine to be widely accepted.

Government officials have already revealed that they will be making the utmost effort to determine HIV-infected and AIDS patients, reduce infections through the use of drug needles, blood transfusion and mother-to-child transmission, minimize the fatality rate and as well as improve the quality of life of a particular patient despite his condition.

China's Five-Year Plan On HIV

According to reports revealed by Global Times, the government will reportedly start the implementation between 2016 and 2020 which is said to have set multiple targets such as reducing sexual transmissions of HIV from men to men by at least 10 percent and lowering the rate of transmission from HIV-positive mothers to their children to less than 4 percent. As of the press time, the plan indicates that more than 901 percent of China's HIV-positive residents should receive anti-retroviral treatment over the period and more than 90 percent of cases of such treatment are expected to be successful.

Moreover, authorities have also revealed that the plan also promotes the use of traditional Chinese medicine in the management of HIV. Accordingly, the current plan explains that the number of people living with HIV who are treated with traditional Chinese medicine should be twice what it was 2015.

HIV/Aids Treatment

Meanwhile, according to China Online, international cooperation on research has also been seen to strengthen and enhance the prevention and treatment of the disease. Ultimately, during the country's recently concluded 12th five-year plan (2010-15), it was found that the HIV detection rate has allegedly increased to 68.1 percent, and the mortality of those with AIDS dropped at a surprising rate of 57 percent.


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