Facebook And Google Partner To Fight Against Fake News In France

Of every single problem that Facebook and the social media has been facing, fake news seems to be one of the biggest, given the fact that this had created a lot of false information among many users, to the point in which it´s believed. This was actually one of the main reasons why Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. However, the blue social media network and search giant Google will partner to fight against it, and France will be the place in which its first efforts will be tested.

Facebook And Google Will Fight Against Fake News Through CrossChek

Considering that the French election will be in April, this nation doesn't want to repeat the same chaos that fake news caused in the U.S., so 17 of its most important newsroom teamed up with Facebook and Google to prevent this from happening. The weapon to fight against the fake news will be a verification platform called CrossCheck, which has been made by the search giant via its New Lab arm, and it will be launched in France on February 27.

How CrossChek Determine Fake News

Apparently, this platform will work like this: any user that think that there´s a false information can upload it, and the link reported will be collected and held within a portal, which the French news organizations will have access to. Then, the reports can be fact-checked and the information will be verified in order to determine its reliability, and if two parent media establish that it´s fake, it will appear in the feeds with a flag. In fact, if a user wants to share this fake content, a window will appear with a "fake news" alert.

Although this has not been tested yet, many believe that this could be a quite effective move from Facebook and Google to get rid of fake news, given the fact that being teamed with the most important media in France represents the greater support in order to know what information is true or false. Although it´s not known the way in which this action could affect journalism, it seems as the most important manner to assure the user the most reliable information in their experience using Google and Facebook.

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