'Shameless' Season 8 Spoilers: What's Ahead For Fiona And Frank? Release Date Speculations

After some delays, Shameless season 8 was confirmed in December. However, following the renewal announcement, there has been no updates or teasers about what fans can anticipate in the upcoming season. There are also no major cliffhangers but there are still unanswered questions.

"Shameless" season 7 finale left off with the Gallagher family heading towards different directions after Monica's death which left them a unique inheritance in form of methamphetamine. Fiona became an owner of an apartment building. Frank opened up about the mother of his children. Debbie pursues a new love interest. Lip decides to return to college while Kev continues to work in the bar Ian was previously working. Here are what fans can expect in the upcoming season.

Shameless Season 8 Spoilers

There are some rumors that "Shameless" season 8 will finally address Fiona's love life or the lack thereof. However, a report reveals that Fiona will be busy in her new real estate business so there will be no time for love or relationships as well.

As for Lip and Sierra, season 7 ended with the two on a good note and season 8 might focus on the two officially becoming a couple. Fans will also see how Lip will cope up in his life as a college student. Meanwhile, the series might also focus on how Monica's death might impact Frank in the long run. This might finally transform him to a good father for the Gallagher siblings

Shameless Season 8 Release Date

Following Emmy Rossum's (plays Fiona in the series) contract dispute, the actress revealed on her twitter account that filming for "Shameless" season 8 will begin in May. Like the previous seasons, it will be composed pf 12 episodes. There is no official announcement about the premiere date yet but there are speculations it could be in fall 2017 or winter 2018. Season 7 had a fall premiere (October) while both season 5 and 6 premiered in January.


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