How To Use YouTube App's New Fast Forward And Rewind Feature

YouTube makes it easy for desktop or laptop users to jump to anywhere on the timeline. Users can even just press the arrow keys to jump five seconds further into the video they are watching and back. However, watching YouTube videos on the mobile application is a different story.

Users know that skipping through YouTube timeline on a smartphone or tablet screen can be quite annoying, especially when the video length is already at 30 minutes. Now, YouTube has revealed the app's capability of back and forth skipping on smartphone and tablet screens. According to the Play Store description, the YouTube application received an update that says that the quick seek feature is available in the app.

To use the new feature, users only need to double tap their fingers on the left side of the screen to go back to 10 seconds earlier. To move forward to 10 seconds later, a double tap on the right side is enough. The feature also allows users to skip faster by adding an extra tap. Each additional tap adds 10 seconds.

YouTube was already experimenting with the best possible way for the app to fast forward or rewind. In late 2015, double arrow buttons were available in the player controls. In 2016, the feature had been tweaked several times and was tested by several groups. This time, users can just update their YouTube application to receive the quick seek feature.

The video sharing platform, which allows users to share their own original content is a massive service, which is why it keeps polishing itself to make sure users get the best experience. YouTube recently announced a Super Chat feature, which provides a new way for the site's content creators and fans to connect. The feature also allows the content creators to earn money through live video streams. It works by allowing viewers to pin their comments to the very top for five hours in exchange for payment.

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