League Of Legends' "SKT Faker" Signs Up On Twitch, Instantly Breaks Streaming Records

For those League of Legends fanatics out there, every time they hear the word or name "Faker" one of the things that come into their mind is the word "champion". Being unbeatable with his team SKT, Lee Sang-hyeok makes his name shine in the world of gaming. Now the "god" makes his way on Twitch and instantly breaks a streaming record.

Faker's stream reached around 245,000 viewers making it the most-watched stream by an individual in the whole Twitch history. Faker managed to have a deal with Azubu which has the exclusive rights to streaming matches but some of Lee Sang-hyeok's fans found a way to stream Faker's solo queue matches without anybody's permission. Which caught Azubu, Riot (League of Legends developer), and SKT (Faker's team), this explains why  Lee Sang-hyeok attracted thousands of his fans on his first ever Twitch stream. Faker's twitch stream was mostly awaited by his fans, and by him signing up on twitch is like "blessing by a god to his disciples". 

During the times that Lee Sang-hyeok was streaming with Azubu, he doesn't  use a microphone, making some of his fans comment that his streaming was somewhat "boring". But with his first stream with Twitch, Faker used a microphone for the very first time and said that it has been a long time since he last streamed. He added that at that time, he didn't communicate that much, and he's trying to communicate with the fans from now on.

Sad to say, Faker's Twitch stream did not go too well. There were non-stop lags and a lot of volume issues which are some of the things that the fans are expecting to not happen on the stream. Some say that most of the time, those not-so-really-good players tend to have almost around 20 to 30 thousand of views but those who have the skills like some who is ranked as a challenger only have 10 to 20 viewers.

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