‘Teen Wolf' Season 6: Possible Characters To Return Revealed

Before they sang their final swan song, the creator of the show Jeff Davis stated that the second half of the last season of “Teen Wolf” is still a must-see.

All good things must come to end at some point. As for “Teen Wolf,” their massive run is about to end. Last July 2016, Jeff Davis, creator of the show, dropped the bomb when he announced that season 6 will be the last of “Teen Wolf”. Fans somehow tried to convince the producers and creator of the show to push it for a few more seasons but the verdict is already final.

With that said, there are few more weeks for the fans to enjoy the MTV series. It is also noted by Davis that the second half of Season 6 will mainly focus on Scott McCall and it will take place in Beacon Hills. Although the show is ending, "Teen Wolf" Season 6B will introduce new villains which will be a great threat to Scott and the people of Beacon Hills. Fans might wonder why Scott will lead the charge, not Liam(new Alpha), but it's just the way it is. Certain characters have confirmed their return and none bigger than Peter Hale.

Peter Hale

Ian Bohen who plays the character of Peter Hale will see more action on "Teen Wolf" Season 6B. His character is still a little bit shady and the creative team has already some plans to explore his character. Peter Hale is the father of Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig).

Kira Yukimura

Although it was not 100% confirmed that she will return, Davis mentioned that Cho’s return is “not outside the realm of possibility”. Kira Yukimura(Arden Cho) is the former girlfriend of Scott. There will be a time in season 6B where they are going to relieved their relationship but there is still 10% possibility that it won’t happen.

Papa McCall

Due to the call of duty, Papa McCall will have to go back to take care of FBI-related case. And yes, he is not going back to Beacon Hills to take care of his son but to take care of his business.

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