Kylie Minogue Wins Legal Battle Against Kylie Jenner's Trademark Attempt

Pop superstar Kylie Minogue is in the headlines once again, this time, as she becomes victorious with her legal battle against the Kylie Jenner's attempt to trademark the name "Kylie."

In 2015, the reality TV star filed an application to trademark her name "Kylie" in the US. However, The US Patent and Trademark Office rejected the attempt.

Jenner seems to not give up easily as reports claim that the young mogul is still pushing to patent the brand name "Kylie" and is already planning an appeal.

Minogue, on the other hand, also registered her opposition to Jenner's trademark attempt, claiming that it would "bring on confusion for both the celebrities and their brands."

It can be recalled that Minogue, 48, has trademarked her name for education and entertainment ventures purposes. The singer is allegedly worried that Jenner could ruin the image of her brand. Meanwhile, Jenner's reason for her patent application is for the protection of her business ventures and advertising services.

Fans of Minogue already voiced out their thoughts about the said trademark feud, pointing out that the singer has carried out the name "Kylie" way before Jenner was born. It was also pointed out that the Australian pop star currently owns the trademark registrations for the term "Kylie" across entertainment services and music recordings. Minogue owns her trademarks for "Kylie Minogue Darling," "Lucky - the Kylie Minogue musical," and "Kylie Minogue." She also owned since 1996.

The singer's legal team also added that Minogue was an "internationally renowned humanitarian, performing artist, and breast cancer activist" while Jenner was a "secondary reality television personality" who had to gain negative attention for her "photographic exhibitionism and controversial posts" on social media.

According to BBC, Minogue withdrew her opposition last January 19, allowing Jenner to proceed with her application. However, it seems like Jenner still lost the fight, leaving Minogue as the reigning "Kylie".

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