Xbox's Phil Spencer Comments On Overwatch's Mouse And Keyboard Controversy

The Overwatch community is currently going through an issue with the developer team at Blizzard saying that they are opposed to console players using a mouse and keyboard setup to play the game on their platforms. Xbox's Phil Spencer has taken the time to comment on the issue, and he thinks that it's ultimately up to Blizzard what they would do with the game.

Spencer On M&K

When asked to comment on the issue on Twitter, Spencer replied, "Clearly in some cases M&K is an advantage. I'm a fan of giving the tools to studios and they'll do what's best for their games." It's also interesting to note that Spencer has expressed his support to adding a mouse-and-keyboard setup for the Xbox One because he believes that this will be an opportunity for RTS (real-time strategy) games to make it to console.

Controller Vs. M&K

Blizzard is said to have tried to reach out to both Sony and Microsoft about prohibiting players from using M&K for their console. The problem is, though consoles don't officially support mouse-and-keyboard-setups, some players have found ways to make them work, and it gives regular gamers an obvious disadvantage.

Any seasoned player knows that mouse-and-keyboard prove to be more precise when it comes to aiming in-game, and Blizzard knows it too. Having players take the setup to console will have a lot of the higher ranks dominated by M&K users while the players that stick to controllers will be left in the dust.


Blizzard was even opposed to cross-platform gaming for Overwatch because they knew that the PC players would gain an advantage over the console. Microsoft, however, introduced cross-play for Gears of War 4, but it was not allowed for Core and Competitive matches to ensure that all the players were "as closely matched and competitive as possible."

The developers at Overwatch are yet to find a solution to this loophole, and a lot of console users might be pissed that they would have to get their own K&M setup just to even out the playing field. Let's just hope that some players stick to playing fair.

Overwatch is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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