Barack Obama Enjoys Kite Surfing With Richard Branson

Barack Obama had a thing for kitesurfing but was not allowed to do so during his tenure as U.S. president. Richardson Branson describes hosting the Obamas for their post-presidential vacation as an honor.

Barack Obama Forbidden From Surfing During His Eight Years As President

The vacation holiday is in the British Virgin Islands. Richardson Branson, billionaire entrepreneur revealed that he challenged Obama with water sports. This was after Obama revealed that he was not allowed to luxuriate in his passion for surfing. Bronson wrote that one of the first stories the former US president told him was that during the time he and Michelle arrived on Moskito Island. And on how the former US president had been surfing on a dangerous break in Hawaii.

When he came in from a breathtaking surfing session. The new head of his security came to him and said that it would be the last time he would be allowed to surf for the next eight years. Then for the next eight years, he had no chance to do most things he would love to do like surfing.
Barack Obama also revealed that he had never tried kite surfing before and so Richard Branson taught him how. And it seems that Obama had so much fun. While the former president got his sea legs, Richard Branson learned how to foil board. Then they decided to have a friendly competition.

A Well-Deserved Holiday Break For Obama

According to the Telegraph, Mr Bronson expressed how much fun they had. In the video, it shows how many times Barack and Branson fell from kite surfing that they repeatedly tried their best to perfect it. It looks like the former U.S. president is enjoying his well-deserved break from politics.

According to TMZ, before Obama leaves the Virgin Islands, Mr. Bronson made sure he will have a good time. And so Mr. Bronson challenged Obama for an extreme water sport. Then they went into a friendly match, whoever won is shown on the video.

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