Random Streamer Almost Breaks Resident Evil 7 Speedrun Record By Using Only A Knife

Gearing up and equipping powerful weapons are sometimes the best way to do in a character to lessen the fear when playing horror games. Killing enemies with one shot blows while panicking sometimes also help if a person does not have the enough balls to finish the entire freaky game.

But recently a video of a braveheart who did a speedrun of the game Resident Evil 7 broke out on the internet. Streamer named Quizzle almost set a new record when he finished the game within 3 hours and some minutes. Another thing interesting about him is that he did that by using only a knife on the highest difficulty of the game called "Madhouse Mode".

Well, this guy can be considered as the "Chuck Norris of Speedrunning" beating a horror game on the hardest difficulty using only a knife. Not being contented, he finished an 8-hour game within only 3 and a half hours. Some even said that "Quizzle finished the game faster than players gather the courage to play the game". 

The same website has the fastest speedrun which is just around 3 hours and a couple of minutes while Quizzle is just 5 minutes late. Well, that is still quite impressive having that kind of speed and balls to play Resident Evil 7.

Aside from the tremendous fear that the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard game gives, the Madhouse Mode rearranges every event of the game. In the said mode, more monsters spawn but lesser resources are given to players which made Quizzle shine among the other players due to his skills and courage in beating the game.

Resident Evil 7 was released last January and was highly anticipated by Resident Evil fans. The game revolves around Ethan Winters who is looking for his wife Mia. His search for his wife led him to the Baker's residence in which his terrible and horrific adventure started.

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