Valve's Portal Comes To The Microsoft HoloLens

Portal is probably one of the most iconic franchises to come out of modern video games, and even if the last game came out back in 2011, people are still making "the cake is a lie" memes to this day. Some interesting footage has come out of an augmented reality version of Portal for the Microsoft HoloLens, and it looks amazing.

Portal In AU

The footage comes from game developer and designer Kenny Wang, and the clip showcases all the familiar Portal tropes that one can expect from an AR version of the game. Players will be able to use Aperture Science's Portal Gun and make portals in the environment in front of them. Granted, players can't transport any real materials with the portals, but the game also comes with a companion cube that can be thrown into one portal and come out the other.

Even the physics element of the game is intact in the AR version. Players can throw the cube from a height and have it speeding out the other end of the exit portal, and they can also make the cube endlessly fall between two portal holes. Even the turret robots made their way into Kenny Wang's Portal game.

Microsoft HoloLens

The game is set to be available for the Microsoft HoloLens, but with a kit that costs about $3000, it might be a while before most consumers can get their hands on an Augmented Reality device. It looks like players will just have to stick to Niantic's Pokemon GO for the time being.

Speaking of Pokemon, Wang has also developed an AR version of Pokemon that lets players hunt, catch and battle the creatures in front of them. Seeing how popular Pokemon GO is, it may be a matter of time before Microsoft develops the tech to make HoloLens more affordable for the common consumer.

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