Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Reed Finally Shuts Off Alleged Feud With Nina Dobrev

Ever since having been broken up a couple of years ago, fans of the former couple and on-screen partners Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are still hoping that the two would end up together. Even though the actor is already married, he and his wife Nikki Reed have been bombarded with divorce rumors allegedly because of Dobrev. However, after having been quiet on the issue for so long, they have finally spoken up about it.

Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Reed Blasted With Divorce Rumors; Couple Finally Speaks Up

Ever since Somerhalder married "The Vampire Diaries" co-star Nikki Reed, his fans and ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev's have been in disarray. They have always been rooting for the two to end up together, even though Somerhalder is already happily married. Thus, tabloids have continuously spread malicious rumors about Reed being jealous of Dobrev and having a conflict with each other which allegedly was the reason that Dobrev left the famous show. However, both parties have remained quiet about the entire thing until recently.

It can be recalled that after the break-up, Dobrev cleared out the awkward air and claimed that she and Somerhalder have remained good friends. They have been friends long before they dated and have managed to keep that friendship after. However, fans won't stop rooting for them and having put Reed in the middle. Thus, during the farewell party of "The Vampire Diaries," all three posted a photo of them together, showing how there was no bad blood in it all despite what some news sites have claimed.

Nikki Reed Asks Tabloids To Stop Spreading False Rumors And Respect Their Marriage

Reed captioned the photo of the three of them together by saying that people should put an end to spreading false rumors just to gain more readers or viewers. The fans should start accepting and be open to the truth that there is no feud between her and Dobrev; and that Somerhalder is not having an affair with the latter actress. All has been said and done and now the couple is hoping to live their married life in peace, away from false rumors.

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