Apparently, Ark: Survival Evolved In Nintendo Switch Is A Possibility

Ark: Survival Evolved has just received a brand new update from developer Studio Wildcard. So far, the reception has been very impressive. Lots of fans are, in one way or another, loving the TEK Tier update. (But of course, most are still hoping for the game's full version to be unleashed). Apparently though, the studio has another plan of bringing the game to the top. This is by way of introducing it to Nintendo Switch.

As of this writing, the highly celebrated dinosaur-themed game called Ark: Survival Evolved is made available across all platforms. These are no other than Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft's Xbox One and PC. It has been a rumored topic within the community that the game may found itself on the titular console called Nintendo Switch. However, during that time, the studio has remained quiet -- giving the fandom zero knowledge about it.

Well, not for long -- it appears that indeed Ark: Survival Evolved has all the potentials of coming to the aforementioned console. Or perhaps, the video game company is considering such option. According to GoNintendo, this idea has long stirred the interest of the studio since the inception of the gaming system. In fact, the video game company iterated that they'll be "closely watching" the success of the console soon after its launch.

Of course, if this happens, it'll give Ark: Survival Evolved a brand new avenue in terms of player pool. It'll even stretch its name into the market, allowing newer players or fans to enjoy it. Nonetheless, the studio insisted that all of these are nothing but an idea worth giving in. That, as of this writing, it'll remain within their plans for the hit game.

Moving away from Ark: Survival Evolved, Nintendo Switch is expected to hit the market come March 3 this year. It's currently priced at $300. As for the game, it remains to be unfinished, as mentioned above. Fortunately, as announced by the developer, its full version is expected to arrive within the year (no exact date yet).

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