'The Big Bang Theory' News And Updates: Young Sheldon Cooper Expected To Be Highly Awkward In The Spin-Off Series

"The Big Bang Theory" already made a name for itself. After receiving tons of praises and great reviews, there is no doubt that fans would want to get a glimpse of Sheldon Cooper's childhood. The show is currently in its tenth season and it still manages to earn high viewership rating. With this, fans are greatly excited to witness another milestone in the series as they release "The Big Bang Theory" spinoff. Here's what fans should expect from the upcoming show.

"The Big Bang Theory" Spinoff Spoilers: Young Sheldon Cooper To Act More Extreme Than Jim Parsons

According to Movie News Guide, the character of Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper seems to be the reason why viewers are easily attracted to the show. Sources revealed that the hit series gave a different perspective of how everyone should see nerds. Not just that, Cooper has the qualities that are unique among main characters in different shows. While all these were earned by Parsons throughout the ten seasons, viewers believe that the pressure is real for the star who will act as the young Cooper.

As per sources, they expect the young Sheldon to be highly awkward than the older one. It is also expected that the show would feature situations where the character's personality has been molded and triggered. Whatever the real cause may be, it would be fun and exciting if the spinoff would include this in the storyline.

"The Big Bang Theory" SpinOff News And Updates: Fans' Expectation Of Young Sheldon Cooper Revealed

Not just that, viewers are also expecting that the show would establish the reason why Cooper has an outstanding intellect. It can be recalled that during the past season of "The Big Bang Theory", Sheldon already cited some stories from his childhood about how he gained the knowledge that he has right now.

According to reports, there is an ongoing search for the perfect younger version of Sheldon Cooper. Producers of the said show are looking for an actor between the ages of eight and eleven. The said actor should show off some great skills as fans are expecting great things for the character.

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