Exercise And Sleep Important To Minimize Stress

Exercise and sleep are very important for good health. Many people today are stressed out due to a lack of both. Exercise and sleep are important to minimize stress.

Many employees are often stressed at work. Many also bring home their frustrations at work, adding even more stress even in the home. A study has found that even a brisk walk could already minimize stress. It could also be a good way to exercise.

The research has found that people who have encountered any form of mistreatment at work will likely also do the same at home. Workers who have been insulted by their managers would more likely do the same to people at home. The study has been made by Shannon Taylor, a professor from the University of Central Florida's College of Business Management.

The study has 118 MBA students working with fulltime jobs. They have been part of the study's survey and then had activity monitors worn for a week. During that time a survey has also been made of the participants' households.

The study has found that participants who have burned an additional 587 calories are less likely to bring stress with them at home. This would usually translate to an hour of swimming or else a 90-minute brisk walk, according to the University of Florida's site. Having enough sleep has also been seen as being beneficial to those who have much stress at work.

The study also ties in with the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Heart Association. It has been recommended that people should at least have 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day, as Science Daily reports. Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes has been recommended to maintain good health.

Many workers are stressed daily in their jobs. This can affect even life at home. Exercise and sleep are important to minimize stress, especially at home. A study has shown that eating nuts helps in fighting cancer.

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