FBI's 'Most Wanted' App Is Out To Catch Criminals

Technology has been a huge help in security issues for a long time, to the point that it makes catching a criminal easier than before, despite collateral damages in which privacy is more threatened than ever. Nevertheless, we´re living in a time in which the tech benefits need to be maximized by the security forces to facilitate their jobs, and the FBI is probably one of the best exemplifications of this picture since this agency recently made a move in which technology will be its new best weapon.

The FBI´s App Contains The Entire Information Of The Criminals

Believe it or not, the FBI has launched the Most Wanted app, which contains a huge database of its most sought-after crooks complete with photos, last-known locations, descriptions and how much reward is available for those who can provide information that eventually leads to their arrest. Naturally, this is a really incredible way to increase FBI´s power, given the fact that in addition to extending its presence over the criminals, it also shows the people every single data regarding these persons.

It Can Be Used On Android Smartphones And iPhones

The most outstanding detail of this move is that all of this can be made through a single smartphone, regardless if it´s an Android or an iPhone. Nevertheless, even when this FBI app is available all around the world, the thing is that the list is almost completely filled with U.S. based crimes. But in any case, in the Most Wanted app, you can find more than 500 profiles that are searchable by name, nickname, and country complete with an entire description of the crimes they have committed and are wanted for.

At the bottom of the criminals´ profile, there´s a Call the FBI and Submit a Tip button, with which you can get in touch with the authorities if you have any information regarding these persons. Although this is probably the greatest app that the FBI has released, the truth is that this agency previously launched Child ID app in 2011, and Bank Robbers app last year, which were also quite successful.

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