Cancer Wonder Drug Finally Invented? UK Patient Claims Total Remission From Cancer

Cancer patients were given fresh hope right after a terminally ill man was allegedly "cured" by a new wonder drug. After being diagnosed with having lung cancer, Bob Berry, 60, has been given 18 months left to live. It was found that the 60-year-old was diagnosed three years ago after suffering pains in his shoulder. However, his life did not stop when the diagnosis was given to him, instead, Berry has undergone the pioneering treatment at Europe's leading cancer hospital in Manchester.

Total Remission From Cancer

According to reports revealed by Express, after the said treatment, Berry, together with two other patients, has turned out to be completely free of the disease. Because of that, a number of scientists have expressed their high hopes regarding the revolutionary technique could potentially signal the dawn of a new era in combating cancer. Experts say that the unnamed drug has the ability to make cancer cells to be more visible to the body's own immune system, thus making the follow-up treatment to be more effective.

Meanwhile, delighted scientists at The Christie in Manchester have revealed that Mr. Berry's trial went far better than was previously hoped. Doctors believe that Mr. Berry's together with the other patients involved in the treatment has paved the way for more clinical success. It was found that the unnamed drug works in conjunction with established treatments which harness and enhance the powers of the immune system to fight cancer.

Wonder Drug For Cancer

Furthermore, in one of his statements reported by Daily Star, Dr. Matthew Krebs, Berry's consultant at The Christie said that Bob has had a phenomenal response to being a part of this clinical trial. Experts have further revealed that it was actually the first time that the unnamed drug was used on humans. Dr. Krebs and the other health professionals have added that it was a combined study with a brand new drug, but they still have a lot of further research to do before establishing how these findings can help more patients like Bob in the future. Ultimately, cancer has long been recognized as a complex disease which they explained that not every patient responds to the said treatment.


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