Lady Gaga Earned This Much From The Second Most Watched Super Bowl Halftime Show

The celebrated Super Bowl LI just ended with a bang and it was a sight to remember. One of the memorable things is Lady Gaga’s drone-infested halftime show performance. But it turns out, that awesome performance of hers earned her not even a single penny.

Lady Gaga reportedly earned nothing for performing at the second most-watched Super Bowl halftime show in history. As a matter of fact, an NFL spokesperson revealed before that previous Super Bowl halftime show performers like Beyonce and Coldplay did not receive any compensation as well. Since the Super Bowl events hold the annual NFL championships match, NFL shoulders only the production costs, which can run up to $10 million. There was even a time that NFL asked Katy Perry to cover some of the production costs back in Super Bowl XLIX but the said pop singer declined to do so.

Despite getting zero compensation for performing at the Super Bowl events, famous artists that earn huge money like Lady Gaga still go at it. This is because the said events give her and the rest of the halftime show performers a massive coverage of promotions through millions of audience all over the world. Besides, Pepsi also provides a great promotional program all throughout the season that secures huge exposure to Super Bowl halftime show performers.

Super Bowl LI was indeed a memorable one. Aside from Lady Gaga’s heart-pumping halftime show performance, this was the first ever Super Bowl match to extend to an overtime play. The breathtaking match between Atlanta Falcons and the champion, New England Patriots, have pulled in millions of viewers. But it was all thanks to Lady Gaga that Super Bowl LI turned out to be the second most viewed Super Bowl, especially the halftime show after she raked in an impressive 117.5 million viewers. Katy Perry’s halftime show performance was the most viewed, which garnered an audience of up to 120.7 million.

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