Gears Of War 4 News: Locust Will Be Returning With Exciting Surprises

The Coalition has been updating Gears of War 4 with several features such as new maps and an upcoming Valentine's Day event. But one of the famous characters will be returning soon and that is Locust. With its comeback, players can win awesome prizes.

Locust's Return In Gears Of War 4

It seems that The Coalition has a lot of plans for Gears of War 4. The most exciting update in the game will be the return of Locust. According to Windows Report, the developer is getting the opinion of the players about which Locust character they want to see again.

But The Coalition has started a contest wherein the players who will participate will receive cool prizes. The developer will be giving GeForce GTX1080, San Diego Comic-con Exclusive Marcus Fenix Funko Pop, GOW 4 Undefeated Collection t-shirts, GOW 4 Undefeated Collection hats, GOW 4 Elite Controller Component Kit and Fenix Omen t-shirts.
The players can either join the contest by tweeting their favorite Locust character or by joining the forum since last month. The Coalition reminds the players that the contest will end on Feb. 17 at exactly 11:59 p.m.

Other Exciting Features In Gears Of War 4

The Coalition is having a Valentine's Day event in Gears of War 4. But before the said event, the developer just released two new maps that the players will surely love. As per Video Gamer, the season pass holders will be the lucky people to access them already.

The first map is called Impact Dark. The players will be having a hard time to see what is going on around them because there will be smoke around the vicinity. The War Machine map is a classic map that is very different from its original setting.

The Coalition is making sure that the Gears of War 4 players will still be interested in the game by releasing new features and gimmicks. Hopefully, these surprises will be appreciated by the loyal fans of the game.

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