Could Selena Gomez's New Song Be Linked To Justin Bieber?

Fans are intrigued about Selena Gomez’s new song. Is it linked to her former flame Justin Bieber. The line in her new song "I had a dream, we were back to 17, summer nights... never growing up," it seems to be an obvious hint of a memory of their past relationship. Everybody knows that Selena Gomez met Justin when they were 17.

Justin Bieber previously released a song that is strongly rumored to be linked to an “ex-girlfriend”. The song got extremely popular. Would Selena’s new song be an answer to Justin’s ‘Sorry’? Jelena fans are dying to hear Selena’s comeback song.

Jelena Endgame Ages Ago

Although the former couple ended their relationship a long time ago, there are some instances that they seem to have not yet gotten over each other. Although Selena Gomez has a new boyfriend, she is rumored to have not gotten over Justine yet. The fans got curious when Selena accidentally liked a photo collage of their photo. It was a throwback photo collage of Justin and Selena on the beach in Santa Monica, California, six years ago. Then she later on un-liked the photo.

According to the Cosmopolitan, fans quickly responded to Selena’s action and created meaning to the “like.” Other guessed that, could this be a sign that Selena is not happy with her current love life. The other attest that the accidental like might be just a slip of Selena’s finger while casually scrolling.

Selena Might Be Reminiscing The Past

According to the Teen Vogue, fans playful minds suggests that the accidental like might mean that Selena is working on a song that is inspired by their previous relationship. Selena’s new Instagram profile picture is also a hint of her assured to have a new debut project. The photo seems to look like the type of photos that could possibly used for an album cover. Although these are just speculations, it sure is fun to consider them being true.

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