'Dance Moms' Season 7 Episode 12 Spoilers: It's Not Always Sunny in Pittsburgh

A short recap on the ‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Episode 11, Abby gave her elite students a cold treatment in favor of the younger ones. Viewers will remember that in the last episode, the older dancers expressed their disappointment on how Abby focuses on the younger ones. Now Abby gave her full attention to the younger ones and put the older ones to a test.

Kendall Vertes plans to restart her career in the Music scene. Viewers know that on the earlier part of Season 7, Kendall and her mom fired Abby as her music manager. Kendall goes back to the scene surely upsets Abby.

Camryn Is Doing It Right

Abby’s team is going back to Pittsburgh. There they have to push themselves to their limits to show what they are made of. Resulting for another clash of the mothers. The girls are staying in the old Pittsburgh studio, now known as the Appolonia Leake Dance Company. They will be there for the last two episodes of ‘Dance Moms' Season 7.

Abby doubts Camryn's wish to be a part of the team. Yet she gives her one more chance to prove herself. Camryn seems to be doing well as they rank first in the overall competition. Brynn, Kalani, Kendall and Nia danced the ‘Ghost Town’ a contemporary dance style. Camryn also got the first place for her ‘I’m Already Done’ dance routine. Is Abby impressed? Find out on the next episode of ‘Dance Moms.’

Abby’s Babies Are The Best

Elliana and Lilliana are doing a great job as well. They got the first place for their ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ Lyrical Dance Routine. While Sarah Hunt got first place with her ‘Thy Will Be Done’ dance routine, however, it is not shown in the videos. According to the International Business Times, viewers that watched episode 10 are looking forward to the next episode..

According to the Wikia, for the Candy Apple’s Dance center, Ava, Chloe S., Haley, Nicaya and Tara made it to the overall group on the second place. Their dance routine was ‘Build A Wall.’ While Nicaya nailed it with her ‘Sacrifice’ dance routine, and got second place (tied). ‘Dance Moms’ season 7 episode 12 will be aired on Valentine's Day, "It's Not Always Sunny in Pittsburgh."

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