'Witcher 3' Card Game Tips: How To Get New Cards

Gwent is originally a mini game in the Witcher 3 game, with many players getting addicted, the game got is own stand alone version. this article will help those players who are getting kind of stuck on a losing streak.

1st tip when playing against a real person, Those silly tricks that players used to fool the AI opponent into wasting all its good cards? Those killer combinations that the NPCs of Velen does not know enough to Scorch as you set them up? Those things are no good here. Anyone who meets up with a bunch of experienced players would know what that player is trying to do, and if in case they had a better deck, they will absolutely crush you. 

Players won't get any free cards when winning a game, This is the sad truth fellas, all players will start with an absolutely noob and shit ton collection of cards, and it wil take a really a long time to get more. Players can buy card boosters, which in game are called "kegs", but kegs gives players a random assortment of cards plus a choice of one card from the pool of five better-than-average options, and the in-game currencies take a really long time to be earned.

For those who are wanting to have additional cards, the best thing to do is to pick a faction and stick to it. "Gwent the Witcher" Card game, provides players free cards with a little twist on booster pack RNG, so make the most of it by choosing a faction and start sticking with it rather than pushing through having all the cards in the game instantly.

Other possible ways are creating your very own deck and grinding a lot. The better plays a person do in a match, the more experience that person will receive (and even if you lose), and of course if you win you get a much nicer stack of resources than for a loss - but it all adds up, even when you're seriously outclassed. As a player gain experience the more that person receives leveled up rewards which has a lot more worth than a general match reward

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