The Witcher 3 News: Super Turbo Lighting Mod 3.0 Brings Back Original Look Pre-Downgrade & More

The Witcher 3 Super Turbo Lighting Mod 3.0 is now available for download. This latest development by Essenthy is expected to bring the original look for each zone, including some additional features.

The Witcher 3 Super Turbo Lighting Mod 3.0 Replicates the 2014 Build

According to reports, The Witcher 3 STL mod 3.0 replicates the original art direction prior to downgrade which is mostly the 2014 build. That said, it appears that the mod is made specifically for gamers who want the original look pre-downgrade of the game. Furthermore, the latest mod reportedly fixed the land saturation of noman including the clouds exposure as well as texture compatibility HD rework.

The Witcher 3 STL mod 3.0 also brings several changes like the revamped zone beginning with the original setting. Now, the Zones are said to have a more unique feel between each other.

Moreover, The Witcher 3's latest mod has completely removed the project behind Geralt and fixed the red mist bug following the completion of the swamp quest line. Aside from that, the mod reportedly reduced the projector light in cutscenes that may cause too much darkness in some cutscenes.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 4.1 Is Also Available for Download

The Witcher 3's HD Reworked Project mod has been released by Modder 'Halk Hogan PL'. Based on reports, the new version mod is aimed at improving the graphics by reworking the textures and models to bring better quality.

Reports also suggest that the latest version reworks of The Witcher 3 enhances the LOD for Novigrad's walls, reworks crates, bear furs, grain and hay textures, scroll stacks, simple wooden tables and square braziers among others. The reworked project also brings experimental displacement to the checkered floor tiles.


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