YouTube Go Beta Finally Available; Saving Videos To Watch Offline Now Possible

The YouTube Go beta app that was unveiled back in September has finally been launched by Google. It is now available in the Google Play Store.

What Does The YouTube Go Beta App Do?

This new app from Google allows its users to save videos to their device's internal memory storage or to their SD card for offline viewing, making it the best and most effective way of reducing mobile data usage. Essentially, the new app works like the regular YouTube app, the only difference is that when a user selects a video to view, the YouTube Go beta will ask the user if they want to download it or not.

The Available Resolutions

The YouTube Go beta app offers two video resolutions only; "basic quality" and "standard quality." The basic quality looks like 144p - a little painful to watch when used to watching HD quality videos. As for the standard quality, it is somewhere around 360p.

Designed For Slow Internet Speeds

There is a reason as to why the YouTube Go beta app does not have access to HD resolution. The reason is because this new app was designed primarily for regions with comparatively slower internet speeds on devices with small storage capacity, hence the 144p and 360p resolution.

Other Features Of The YouTube Go Beta App

Aside from downloading YouTube videos, the YouTube Go beta lets its users share the offline videos that have been saved on their device's internal memory or SD card via Bluetooth. However, Google noted that this feature will require access to the internet to perform a 15kb security check once the video is received.

Not Available In All Regions (Yet)

Technically, though it has indeed been launched, the YouTube Go beta app is not yet available to all regions, only a number of regions have access to this. And if an interest user wants to check it out to know whether it is available in the area, here are the links.

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