New Leak Reveals A New Windows Version

By Cameron , Feb 04, 2017 01:10 PM EST

Microsoft has been tight-lipped regarding the rumors that it is working on a mysterious new operating system dubbed as the 'Windows Cloud.' When asked by CNET, they immediately answered that they have nothing to share. However in the latest leak, it seems that there is really something worth sharing.

The Proof That It Really Exists

Windows Blog Italia was first to obtain screenshots of the new operating system, but Microsoft enthusiast site Thurrot, was first in getting its hands on the actual build of the Windows Cloud and did a test drive. And according to Thurrot, the platform was still an early build, so there may be changes coming soon.

What Did It Look Like?

The Windows Cloud was rumored to be able to run on both desktop and smartphone devices, but to little surprise it looks identical to the Windows 10. In nearly every way, it looks, feels and operates like the Windows 10 operating system that users are quite familiar with. The only catch is that it can only run UWP apps. The writer then tried to run a non-UWP app, but the Windows Cloud sends an error message instead.

The Odd Quirks With The Windows Cloud

According to Thurrot, others have claimed that Centennial apps such as Evernote can be ran on the Windows Cloud, but on the test it failed to do so. There was also another oddity regarding the information on its "About" section, because the version of the Windows was listed as Windows 10 Pro.

More Test To Be Conducted

The source noted that as of now, there isn't much difference to be seen on the Windows Cloud and the site will keep poking around until further analysis can be deciphered as to how this new operating system works. It was also mentioned to keep in mind that this operating system was obtained from a third-party source, so it could possibly be a "hack together build."

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