The Importance Of Auto-Updates In Pokemon GO Explained

In any other games like Pokemon GO, auto-updates are there for a certain purpose. However, there are still users or players who'd rather disable it for whatever reason they have. Well, in Niantic's game, it's actually of significance. Not only does it keep the game updated, it also allows players to be informed of new stuff.

According to Mic, turning the automatic updates of Pokemon GO can be very beneficial. In fact, there's nothing to be worried about it (as some think that it'll crawl up in their device's space). That's because the hit augmented reality game has been stable since its first release. It never experienced a major exploitation, which is something common to most titles nowadays.

Apart from the aforementioned, the way Pokemon GO auto-updates run give the community a better understanding of what Niantic is as a studio. That, in one way or another, it has yet to fail in giving reason not to trust this functionality. And indeed, it has been a seamless process for all the fans out there.

It holds true that Niantic has been faithful in releasing Pokemon GO patches from time to time. And believe it or not, this kind of work requires a good amount of effort and resources. Simply put, it's not easy for the studio to resort to such process. Fortunately for the game's developer, it's doing a great job at this department.

In related Pokemon GO news, the newest event has arrived to the game. It's no other than the Valentine's Day event. It arrived earlier than expected, but it certainly has a lot of interesting things to offer. One is the fact that all pink Pokemon will take the spotlight during this event. For players who've been wondering what these creatures are, they can check the full list here. It's worth noting that there are some that have remained unconfirmed, though they're likely to be official in the next few days or so.

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