Confide's Self Destructing Messages Is A Popular Tool For Republicans

Republicans and members of Donald Trump's administration are trying to prevent conversations among them from being leaked with the help of an app that deletes messages after they are read.

According to reports, a number of members of the Republican Party along with Trump's closest allies are using the app Confide to keep their conversations among themselves. The app became a necessity among these politicians after the Democratic National Committee was hacked last year. The hack resulted in a number of emails within the DNC surfacing right before the 2016 presidential election.

Aside from that, a number of juicy tidbits continue to surface from the White House giving birth to speculations that someone is leaking information from within. The presumption couldn't be helped especially considering that private stuff such as Trump's propensity to watch TV alone in his bathrobe and that a meeting among White House aides was done in the dark because no one knew how to operate the lights were spilled to the media.

The news of the use of the Confide app actually came from Axios which supposedly got the information from one of the Republicans privy to the current goings-on within the Grand Old Party concerning the leaks and hacks. The operative in question told Axios that many other senior members of the GOP and members of the administration have already downloaded the app.

Confide allows messages to be encrypted so that only the sender and recipient know what is written. The message also appears word by word as the receiver needs to slide his or her finger over the hidden text. This feature makes it impossible to take screenshots of the message. The Confide app is similar to the new Secret Messages feature that Viber recently unveiled in which messages including photos and videos are automatically deleted after the receiver has read them.

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