BlackBerry Patent Shows What Looks Like A BB10 BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry might be using some memories from its glory days as it creates its newest smartphones. The BlackBerry Z10 is the all-touch, BlackBerry Storm-inspired smartphone, the BlackBerry Q10 is the very popular Bold line, and we saw a leak of what is believed to be the answer to its Curve series. The only series of BlackBerry smartphones that hasn't been represented is the BlackBerry Torch.

BlackBerry was recently awarded a patent for what looks and sounds like a possible BlackBerry 10 Torch and it could be on the way. The design patent was originally submitted in 2011 and the device in the patent application appears to be an updated BlackBerry Torch.

Engadget came across the patent that BlackBerry was awarded and it's for "a multi-perspective design portrait style handheld electronic device."

The image in the patent application looks like BlackBerry took design inspiration from the BlackBerry Z10 while adding the benefit of having a slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard. The device would have the large touchscreen of the BlackBerry Z10 and a combination of the physical QWERTY keyboard of the BlackBerry Q10. If this turns out to be an actual BlackBerry 10 Torch, BlackBerry fans are going to be very happy that they won't have to make the decision of choosing between an all-touch Z10 or QWERTY-packing Q10.

BlackBerry is holding its BlackBerry Live conference from May 14-16 and that seems like the perfect place and time for the company to announce and show off some of its upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones. We have already seen an image of a working mid-range Curve-like BB10 smartphone. We might also get to see BlackBerry's rumored 5-inch BlackBerry 10 phablet or BlackBerry 10 PlayBooks.

BlackBerry has proven that a company on the verge of extinction can make a comeback and turn things around with some innovative software mixed with good hardware. Would you be interested in a BlackBerry 10 Torch-like smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

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