Barrack Obama Is The New Thing In NBA 2K17

Ever thought of NBA 2K17 having a very interesting figure or character? Or how about the idea of Barrack Obama being a skilled player in 2K Games' latest title? Of course, as funny as it may sound, such scenario is still worth watching (or playing in a sense). Well, that's because a player made it impossible, and it sure is funny.

Thanks to YouTuber NykeFaller, NBA 2K17 has never been the same. This is after the inclusion of Obama to the game, making a career as a basketball player. The fan basically made it possible by using the game's custom character mode or feature, as reported by Mashable. It can be found in the MyCareer mode for those who are wondering.

Believe it or not, but this Obama in NBA 2K17 looks exactly the same as the former president of the United States of America. Heck, the YouTuber even worked on some great voice over, taking the whole gig into a new level. It seems this is something that political figure might consider, as a joke, of course.

It's worth noting that Obama (not the one in NBA 2K17) has left the White house. It's been three weeks since he's on a vacation, following the arrival of the newest leader of America -- Donald Trump, that is. Perhaps, NykeFaller thought that after serving the people, it might be a good idea for Obama to give his basketball skills a try. To check out his move, see the embedded video right after this article.

In related NBA 2K17 news, the full list of badges have been revealed. And believe it or not, the instructions (guide in particular) on how to acquire them one by one have also been included. For interested players, they can simply head over to this link. It's worth noting that this has been updated, contrary to what players previously thought.

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